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Greywolf Forest

Outcasts and Outlaws

Stretching into four realms Greywolf Forest is the largest forest south of Frigöris and is home to many bandit units and outlaw troupes. Such is the size of Greywolf Forest that ridding it of these fugitives is nigh on impossible.

Attempts have been make to root out this criminal infestation but each time soldiers approach them the outlaws retreat deeper into the forest only to emerge when the soldiers have left.

Greywolf Forest’s scale also makes it the ideal place of sanctuary for those who do not wish to be found, particularly those without a shadow.  


The Dogs of War

One of the most infamous bandit groups to operate out of Greywolf Forest is the Dogs of War, a particularly vicious gang of men composed of the remains of several regiments of deserters from the Tantoräc Army.


Grey Wolves and Green Dragons

Greywolf Forest is home to over half the Northern Realms' population of forest dragons, leaving many to wonder why it is called Greywolf Forest and not Greendragon Forest.

Greywolf Forest

The main roads through Greywolf Forest are patrolled by those looking for an easy target leaving merchants to either drive their wagons around or pay mercenaries to guard their cargo.   

The forest provides those who live in it with most of what they need, meaning that they never have to leave.


Bandits are not the only danger lurking within the forest, bears and wolf-packs also roam the vast woodlands.

Strikingly Original In Its Scope

"Shadowless is a debut that is strikingly original in scope, execution and plot. I loved how the author presented a world that while alien, struck a chord in my mind."

- Fantasy Book Critic

Grim And Fascinating

"Grim and fascinating, Shadowless is a masterpiece told in shades of grey. It is a fantasy of the epic variety, one with incredible world building."

- Grimdark Magazine

Full Of Adventure

"This book is full of adventure, it's also grim and gory and even sad. But the individual character exploration, the main plot, the variety of unique settings and well-placed twists made for a smooth reading experience! "

- Cover to Cover