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A Land Down Under

The City of Nocturné was once a thriving island on the edge of the Forgotten Sea. Devoid of temples and palaces its people shunned the gods, lords and kings favouring democracy and the rule of the majority. For seven hundred years peace ruled and Nocturné prospered.

That peace shattered the day the gods attacked the city.

After refusing to give up a child who was born without a shadow the gods tore open the ground and cast Nocturné into the chasm. Tens of thousands died in the tragedy known as the Cataclysm but those who survived rebuilt Nocturné from the rubble.



The island on which Nocturné once stood is now splinted and torn, huge chunks of it have been scattered to the sea meaning that no normal ship can even approach the island without fear of being smashed on the rocks.


Dark Designs

The islands wildlife has somehow adapted to life underground; cattle have become blind and their hair has become white, birds now navigate via echo-location, but the most astounding thing was the discovery of hydras beneath the island.

The City of Nocturné

With only a few shafts of light streaming through cracks in the rock, when the sun is at its zenith, Nocturné is illuminated artificially for the remainder of the day. People go about their daily lives as their streets and avenues glow with the eerie glimmer of candlelight.

No one approaches the island on which Nocturné once stood, although sailors who have been in the waters nearby have reported seeing a ship with no rudder and chains for sails.


While exploring the caves beneath their city the people of Nocturné found clutches of large eggs but no sign of the creature that owned them.

Strikingly Original In Its Scope

"Shadowless is a debut that is strikingly original in scope, execution and plot. I loved how the author presented a world that while alien, struck a chord in my mind."

- Fantasy Book Critic

Grim And Fascinating

"Grim and fascinating, Shadowless is a masterpiece told in shades of grey. It is a fantasy of the epic variety, one with incredible world building."

- Grimdark Magazine

Full Of Adventure

"This book is full of adventure, it's also grim and gory and even sad. But the individual character exploration, the main plot, the variety of unique settings and well-placed twists made for a smooth reading experience! "

- Cover to Cover