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The Reign of Rain

Built of the banks of the river Sorrow the City of Sorrowmore is nestled in a vale surrounded by lush meadows and rolling hills. In the summer the city is idyllic and picturesque, holding farmer’s markets and trade fairs. In the colder months the city is a little less hospitable.

The rain falls on Sorrowmore for months at a time, without cessation or pause. No one is quite sure why the weather is so inclement, some muse that the gods have a hand in it while others claim that the city is cursed.


Four Wharfs

Regardless of whether it is travel or trade all river-based commerce coming into Sorrowmore docks at one of the city's four main wharfs; huge constructions capable of accommodating over two dozen ships each.


Under the Surface

Remove the façade and it can be seen that gangs operate in the back streets and alleyways of Sorrowmore, preying on the weak and fearful, while trying not to draw the attention of the City Watch.

The City of Sorrowmore

Barges and brigs sail along the river Sorrow delivering cargo to the city of Sorrowmore. With the Merchants Guild owning three of the city’s four wharfs every vessel mooring at the docks must pay a tithe to use the wharf’s cranes or be forced to offload their goods by hand.

Crime has being a constant thorn in Sorrowmore's side; smugglers and bootleggers operate under the cover of darkness while gangs prowl in the shadows.


In recent times Sorrowmore has been plagued with a series of burglaries. Thousands of gold coins have been taken from town houses and businesses without a door being broken or a lock being picked.

Strikingly Original In Its Scope

"Shadowless is a debut that is strikingly original in scope, execution and plot. I loved how the author presented a world that while alien, struck a chord in my mind."

- Fantasy Book Critic

Grim And Fascinating

"Grim and fascinating, Shadowless is a masterpiece told in shades of grey. It is a fantasy of the epic variety, one with incredible world building."

- Grimdark Magazine

Full Of Adventure

"This book is full of adventure, it's also grim and gory and even sad. But the individual character exploration, the main plot, the variety of unique settings and well-placed twists made for a smooth reading experience! "

- Cover to Cover