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Good and Evil

Stormhaven and its sister-city Tarantum are separated by only five and a half miles, but poles apart in almost every other way. Both cities have been founded inside two-mile-wide impact craters from an object that fell from the heavens thousands of years ago, splitting into two at the last minute.

Legend had it that the object was made from both good and evil, explaining why the cities were so different in their characteristics; Stormhaven, the capital, was the epitome of a civilised metropolis with an established democracy, laws and judicial system while Tarantum was a corrupt den of thieves, a sanctuary for outcasts and a cesspit run by criminal gangs, the type of city where a man without a shadow could live without fear of being reported.


The Drops

Stormhaven's people strip-mined their home for the ore that lay beneath. They dug tunnels with streets and pathways branching off from them and beneath these mined openings had created cities within cities. It was the lower classes of society who lived in the deeper levels of these subterranean cities, known as the Drops.


The Rails

Travel between the cities involves going by road across the barren terrain of the Pholôs desert and then entering through the main city gates; or by the Rails: two tunnels that were dug between the cities eight hundred years ago to guard against either one being besieged.

The City of Stormhaven

With clean promenades and perfectly manicured boulevards Stormhaven could not be more different from its sister-city of Tarantum. Marble townhouses and grand temples line paved streets while armed watchmen patrolled gated communities ensuring that the entitled remained free from danger.

Excavated into the bedrock at a five-degree angle from each city, the Rails were a feat of engineering renowned throughout the Northern Realms. Each Rail started at the highest level of its city of origin and then ran downwards, emerging at the lowest level of the neighbouring city.


The tunnels were fitted with a set of rails along which pump carts were placed, allowing people to be propelled along the decline for the five-and-a-half mile journey. At the end of the line, the carts were raised from the lower platform to the higher one of the adjacent tunnel using counterweighted cranes, ready to be sent downhill again.

Strikingly Original In Its Scope

"Shadowless is a debut that is strikingly original in scope, execution and plot. I loved how the author presented a world that while alien, struck a chord in my mind."

- Fantasy Book Critic

Grim And Fascinating

"Grim and fascinating, Shadowless is a masterpiece told in shades of grey. It is a fantasy of the epic variety, one with incredible world building."

- Grimdark Magazine

Full Of Adventure

"This book is full of adventure, it's also grim and gory and even sad. But the individual character exploration, the main plot, the variety of unique settings and well-placed twists made for a smooth reading experience! "

- Cover to Cover