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The Realm of Umberöc

The realm of Umberöc is made up of five islands that lie a hundred miles to the east of the Northern Realms, in the Sea of Wrath. The most northerly of these islands, The Roost, is the main nesting ground of Norlandía’s red dragon population. At any one time there are hundreds of dragons all within a close proximity of each other – this inevitably leads to conflict. It is these altercations that keeps the wheels of Umberöc’s economy turning, Scavenger teams scour the rocks for whatever they can turning dragon parts into weapons, armour and potions.

Insignia:                     Dragon
Ruled By:                   Brueil Royal Family
Capital City:               Dragonov
Other Cities:              Traxenhal
                                    The Roost
Villages/Towns:         None
Ports:                           No Ports
Ruins:                          No Ruins
Resources:                  Armour
                                      Scrolls & Potions

The City of Dragonov

Dragonov is the capital city in the realm of Umberöc, a group of islands to the east of the Northern Realms. Home to over eighty thousand people the city is excavated out of the islands’ soft chalk and limestone and boasts some of the finest artisans to be found anywhere in the world. Umberöc is different from the other realms; its royal household is more of a token gesture than a ruling monarchy; it is the people who set the tax levels, make the rules and punish those who brake them.

Composed almost entirely of tradesmen and craftsmen, Umberöc’s four cities are hives of activity; forges and foundries litter its porous islands and workshops and laboratories stand on every subterranean street corner, manufacturing goods that are shipped throughout the land.


The men who work there say that if the Northern Realms were a furnace, Umberöc was its red-hot embers, and with its countless ore-smelting and mineral-roasting facilities, it is easy to see why.

The Thirteen


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The lands within the Northern Realms range from arid deserts to frozen tundra, and the vast majority of them are filled with untamed wilderness and untold dangers

The Ruins of Argdönsgate

The Realm of Ashensörth

The people of Ashensörth are guarded and furtive and so it is apt that Ashensörth has adopted the Shield as its emblem


The Realm of Caulderon

The forests of Caulderon are vast and expansive covering over half the realm and so the emblem of Caulderon is the Tree

Blackwood Forest

The Realm of Delathorn

The stone masons of Delathorn are the most experienced in the Northern Realms which is why the Castle is the emblem of their realm

The City of Neotherm

The Realm of Frigöris

Frigöris is a realm of ice and snow where warlords and tribes battle for the realm’s meagre resources. The emblem of Frigöris is the Bear

The City of Thanatüs

The Realm of Kankulēsis

The realm of Kankulēsis is known for its harsh laws and war-like tendencies proving that it is no coincidence the realm’s emblem is Crossed Axes

The City of Wittinshade

The Realm of Landledusk

The greatest navy in the Northern Realms belong to the realm of Landledusk which is why they adopted the Ship as its emblem

The City of Shadowvale

The Realm of Mantaras

The Horse is the emblem of Mantaras due to the fact that Mantarasian horses of pure stock are faster than those in the other realms

The City of Helystus

The Realm of Narquiss

The warriors of Narquiss are trained from their early teens and are ferocious in battle. It is their Horse Hair Helms that is the emblem of the realm

The Town of Pinedale

The Realm of Pholôs

Pholôs is a realm of contrasts; some cities are a beacon of civilization while the others are a pit of vipers. The Cobra is the emblem of Pholôs

The Town of Barrenstone

The Realm of Tantoräc

Tantoräc is an untamed realm of forests and mountains. Wars with neighbouring realms has left Tantoräc in disarray. The Wolf is the emblem of this realm

The City of Dragonov

The Realm of Umberöc

Umberöc is made up of five islands each with a city at its core. Dragons nest on the surface of each island and it is they which is the emblem of this realm

The City of Dolasie

The Realm of Valadöria

The realm of Valadöria is famed for its storms and tempests leading its Royal Household to adopt the Lightning Strike as the emblem of the realm

The City of Perethos

The Realm of Varahil

Varahil is a proud and noble realm whose gold mines ensure their army is both well equipped and well paid. The Eagle is the emblem of this realm

Strikingly Original In Its Scope

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- Fantasy Book Critic

Grim And Fascinating

"Grim and fascinating, Shadowless is a masterpiece told in shades of grey. It is a fantasy of the epic variety, one with incredible world building."

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Full Of Adventure

"This book is full of adventure, it's also grim and gory and even sad. But the individual character exploration, the main plot, the variety of unique settings and well-placed twists made for a smooth reading experience! "

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